Abstract Data Types – discussion

Respond to the following discussion with 150 words or more.

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Hello class,
Today were gonna take a look at Abstract Data Types!
The way that abstract data types are implemented reminds me a LOT  about HTML and CSS. when it comes to CSS, it is what the user see’s and  interacts with that hides the HTML and raw code/implementation, and is  typically in its own “style sheet” that is referenced by the source html  file.
Let me put this into java terms.
For example if we take a look at a List. The List data type has a lot  of functionality hidden within it that you don’t see or interact with  as a user. Things such as count, pointers, and how the data is stored in  a sequence.
Then you take a look at Linked List.
A linked list is a linear data structure, you can almost think of it  as a physical structure. Once the size is defined, it creates a box to  place each object with its own data part. The Linked List still uses  pointers, but each element is linked and also referenced as a node. 
The main difference between General purpose data structures and  Abstract data types is how they are perceived. With abstract data types,  when using the application program, how the data is handled is hidden,  you cant see what type of algorithms are used, or what data structures  are used. In general purpose data structures, they aren’t trying to  explicitly hide it.