Apply strategies to write effective academic documents.

SCENARIO: For this assessment, you will demonstrate your ability to write a formal academic essay that uses appropriately formal 3rd person language and that demonstrates your ability to establish and support a clear main point or thesis about a topic. You will also demonstrate your ability to paraphrase, incorporate, and cite relevant and reliable research information to support the ideas within your paper. You will be writing to and for an educated, academic audience.
DIRECTIONS:Select a specific, relevant, researchable, and relatively recent change in your field of study (Criminal Justice). The change can be a positive or negative change, but it must be a change that has already occurred, rather than a change you would like to see happen. For EXAMPLE, one change in the field of education is the increase in the use of standardized testing; one change in the field of law enforcement is the increased use of police body cameras.

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Then, establish a main point about this change, analyzing either why this change occurred or what effects it has had on a particular group or on the field of study itself (for EXAMPLE, what has the increased use of body cameras had on police officers’ relationship with the community). You should not argue for a change to occur, nor should you take a position in favor or against this change, nor should you offer a solution to a problem. Your goal is to objectively analyze the causes or already demonstrated effects of this change.
You must incorporate 3–4 relevant and reliable, peer-reviewed secondary sources and demonstrate the ability to paraphrase. Your Assessment must also give credit to the sources using APA format style expectations. Your submission should be 750–850 words.
My field of study is Criminal Justice.
If work submitted for this competency assessment does not meet the submission requirements, it will be returned without being scored.