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Topics for Argument EssayChoose ONE of the following topics 1. Should working taxpayers be responsible for the living expenses, health care, and education of illegal immigrants?  (The cost of illegal immigrants has been estimated from 54 billion to 275 billion a year)  Explain why you think they should or should not and give 3 reasons. 2. Should a college education be adjusted so that students focus more on subjects they enjoy and/or that are toward their careers instead of a wide variety of subjects? For example, a student who is interested in the medical field would take science and math classes instead of literature and art classes. Explain your answer with 3 reasons3. Should there be a license for parenting? If so, what qualifications should be included?  Explain why or why not with 3 reasons.4. Should the taxation of American citizens be reformed so that it is equal for everyone (for example, an elimination of income taxes and a flat tax on all products nationwide)?  Explain why or why not with 3 reasons5. Should college athletic rules and regulations be changed or adjusted (for example, less required credits for full-time status and/or pay or reward for excellence in the sport)?  Explain why or why not with 3 reasons
Argument ContentOutline for the argument essayI. Introduction: narrative  with thesis at the endII. First reasonIII. Second reasonIV. Third ReasonV. Opposing ViewpointsVI. Conclusion- what is the outcome or effect?Be sure to PROOFREAD! Each paragraph should be at least 5 sentences
Argument Essay Guidelines Once you have chosen a topic, you will begin to write the essay.I. The Introduction paragraph should be an introduction to the topic. Most people like to use a narrative, a story, to influence the reader toward their side of a topic. For example, if you support open immigration laws, then you could tell about a story of a family fleeing a war-torn country to find a better life for their children. This would incite a feeling of compassion. If you support only legal immigration, then you could give a story about a family whose child was raped and murdered by an illegal immigrant who should have been deported years ago but was staying because of the all the free healthcare, free housing, free food, free education, etc that Americans are paying for. This story would cause Americans to rethink letting anyone into our country. The last sentence of the intro should be the thesis that clearly states your stance on the topic.Sample Thesis Statements: (THESE ARE NOT APPROVED TOPICS FOR THIS CLASS)
Young people spend far too much time watching television, looking at computers, and playing video games and should be limited to a maximum of two hours every day in front of a screen.Religion should not be banned from any and all public educational facilities.The right to have an abortion should be protected but limited in the United States.
 II. The essay should have 3 body paragraphs that give reasons and examples that support why you feel the way you do about the topic. Each body paragraph should be begin with a topic sentence, including a transition.Sample Topic Sentences:
First, religion should not be banned from any and all public educational facilities because…Banning religion in any form would also be against Americans’ constitutional rights.Finally, religion should not be banned in public educational facilities because…Most importantly, in cases of rape, abortion should be allowed.Next, young mothers who are not financially capable or emotionally prepared to have a child should have the option of an abortion.Finally, abortion should be allowed within the first six weeks of pregnancy for any reason, but afterward, only adoption should be an option
Sample Body Paragraphs:One of the strongest arguments in favor of limiting the amount of time that youngsters spend in front of screens is that children need to be more active in order to have a healthy lifestyle. Research shows that there is an increasing number of overweight children in the developed world and that there is a link between the amount of time spent in front of screens and being overweight. If children were not allowed to be on screens, they would find other ways to entertain themselves, and this would include playing games and sports. Research also shows that active children grow into active adults. Therefore, restricting screen time for children would have a life-long impact on the people concerned.The biggest benefit of going to college is not what students learn but the people they meet there. Although the main reason to go to a university is to study, many people go into careers and professions unrelated to their degree program and soon forget the things they learned. However, the relationships that students make will often last a lifetime. Friendships made in college can provide useful contacts in professional life. Often, people benefit from their college friends who help them successfully find and  gain employment.One of the most important qualities for successful language learning is being confident. Much research has been done into how people learn languages and what type of people learn languages most successfully. It has been shown that people who are confident, who do not worry about making mistakes, and who take risks are the most successful ones. The grades these people made in classes had no impact on their success in being a language learner. In fact, these types of people actually do better in language-learning research projects than people who have the highest average marks in class. III. The fourth body paragraph should be the rebuttal paragraph. This is when you give your reader the opposing viewpoint. However, you should explain why the opposing viewpoint is wrong or invalid, in your opinion.Begin with a topic sentence that states a strong argument from the opposition. Some ways to begin:Some might believe…The opposition may say…The other side thinks…Many people are in agreement that…                                          There are two ways you can go with the counter-claim/rebuttal paragraph:
You can admit the other side has a point, but show how their logic is faulty
Example:Many people believe the answer to texting while driving is to use hand’s free devices.  Admittedly, this is a feasible option and may be better than tradition hands-on texting.  However, the driver is still suffering from the cognitive distraction of performing another task while driving.
You can shoot down the other side, and show how they are wrong
Some may believe that texting while driving with hands free devices is the answer to a ban on texting.  However, it has been proven that it is not the actual process of texting while driving that distracts the driver.  It is the cognitive distraction or the thinking required in order to complete the task that distracts drivers.Sample Topic Sentences:
On the other hand, some believe religion has no place in education.However, some believe abortion should be a right that all women deserve regardless of circumstances, but others believe that abortion should not be legal under any circumstance.
Sample counter-claim and rebuttal paragraph:Some may believe that texting while driving with hands free devices is the answer to a ban on texting.  However, it has been proven that it is not the actual process of texting while driving that distracts the driver.  It is the cognitive distraction, or the thinking required in order to complete the task that distracts drivers.  The majority of drivers will still be distracted no matter if they are using a hands free device or the traditional form of texting.  Therefore, the only answer to texting and driving problem is for states to create laws completely banning texting while driving.IV. The concluding paragraph will be the last paragraph of the essay. A good way to start is to restate your thesis (the claim for which you are arguing) in a different way. You should discuss in 3 or more sentences  what the outcome or effect would be if what you want happens or continues.  The concluding sentence will close the entire paper. It is like the applause at the end of a performance.Sample Concluding Paragraph Topic Sentence:
Too often children are abused or murdered, and our nation is in financial distress; abortion would help alleviate these problems.

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