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Measure of Association Assignment: (Show your calculation) 1) A study looking at breast cancer in women compared cases with non- cases, and found that 75/100 cases did not use calcium supplements compared with 25/100 of the non-cases.  (20 points)1) Develop a 2×2 table to display the data. 2) Calculate the odds of exposure in cases and non-cases. 3) Calculate the odds ratio using the cross-product ratio.4) Interpret your result2) A study of uterine fibroid surveyed women age 30- 50 years in 2019 in the US. The result shows that of 400 black women surveyed, 80 reported a history of fibroid, while 50 reported a history of fibroid among 600 white women. (30 points)1)    Develop a 2×2 table to display the data. 2)    Calculate the prevalence of fibroids among blacks. 3)    Calculate the prevalence of fibroids among whites.4)    Prevalence ratio of fibroid in black to whites5)    Prevalence odds ratios of fibroid in blacks compared to whites6)    Interpret your results3)  (20 points)1)    What is the exposure?2)    What is the outcome?3)    Calculate the incidence rates of depression among college students who joined a Fraternity in 2019 if 20 students developed depression among 120 students that were followed for two years. 4)    If 20 students developed depression among 200 students not in a fraternity who were also followed in the same period, what is the Relative risk of developing depression in this cohort?       

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