book review

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The recommended book list is in the following files.Students are expected to research and select a book that deals with one of the Development issues covered in class.
The review should consider (please use as your outline):
The intended audience for the book and who would find it usefulThe background of the author(s)The main ideas and major objectives of the book and how effectively these are accomplishedThe context or impetus for the book political controversy, implications of the book for research, policy, practice, or theoryA comparison with other works on this subjectConstructive comments about the strength and weaknesses of the book 
The front page of your review should include: 
Your first and last nameYour student idAuthor(s) or editor(s) first and last name(s) (please indicate if it is an edited book)Title of bookYear of publicationPlace of publicationPublisherNumber of pagesPrice (please indicate paperback or hard cover) if available

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