View the case study “Verbal Agreement: Recording Studio Blues” in You Be the Judge. In this matter the court has ruled that there was not a contract due to the lack of the meeting of the minds. Specifically, the defendant had not agreed to […]

Energy Project Report

  In this report, we will investigate the pathways for Puerto Rico and its future power grid.  There are several recent articles that discuss what has happened since  hurricane Maria in 2017.   The Puerto Rico Integrated Resource Plan 2018-2019 was intended to propose a […]

Political Science Weekly HW – Discussion #2

   Discussion 2: The Modern Presidency Becomes An Imperial Presidency? Get Your Custom Essay Written From Scratch We have worked on a similar problem. If you need help click order now button and submit your assignment instructions. Just from $13/Page Place an Order Please note: […]

discussion planning

discussion 4 The facilities that are located on an airport’s airfield comprise a wide variety of technologies that together accommodate the operation of aircraft between the airport and the local airspace. Proper planning and management of the airfield and associated facilities are a necessary component […]

Research and Analysis Paper (follow checklist)

The events of 9/11 devastated our nation’s sense of security and changed the outlook of law enforcement forever. Aside from the impact the attacks had on this nation — be it the death toll, the economic impact, etc. — law enforcement faced other unknown challenges […]

Class Gradebook

1. In this exercise, you will do a simple spreadsheet for a highly simplified version of a class gradebook. Read this all through to the end once before you try it. 2. Start Microsoft Excel. Get Your Custom Essay Written From Scratch We have worked […]


Humor and Persuasion Prepare a 1000 – 1500 word paper (do not include title and reference pages in your word count), formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Writing Center, that details the effectiveness of humor in persuasion. Use both the Cline and […]

1.5 Assignment: Problems for Chapters 9 and 10

Chapter 9, Problem 1: Calculating Payback Chapter 9, Problem 2: Calculating Discounted Payback Chapter 9, Problem 3: Calculating Average Accounting Return Chapter 9, Problem 4: Calculating Internal Rate of Return Chapter 9, Problem 5: Calculating Net Present Value Chapter 9, Problem 6: Problems with Profitability […]