Unit 1 and unit 2 journal research methods

Unit 1  How did the information in this unit change your thinking about business research? In what ways was this information familiar, and in what ways was it foreign? Discuss ways these ideas could be applied to questions or dilemmas you are facing at your […]

L6 | Law homework help

Using the Model Penal Code, answer the following: 1) Michelle needed money to pay her rent. She is behind 3 months in rent and fears being evicted. She decides to rob Capital One Bank. Michelle asks her roommate Cheryl to help her. They agree to […]

Estate and succession planning (fpc005) assignment

   Do the following steps, in preparation for your meeting with Sonya and Charles: • Using the case study, analyse Sonya and Charles’s estate planning and business succession risks and needs. • Separate the issues you have found into sections using headings. Appropriate headings would […]

Research paper – leaders as change agents

Assignment: Research Paper –  Leaders as Change Agents  See attachment “Assignment Instructions for Research Paper” and Capstone Research Project Template for detailed instructions, guidance and directions: 25-30 pages minimum Annotated Bibliography “See attachment”    No Plagiarism  APA citing