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Question 1

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Are there specific      changes that have occurred in modern society that are contributing causes      to school shootings?

Question 2

Do you think it is fair that      juvenile inmates or offenders are treated differently than adult inmates      or offenders? Were Jane Addams’ beliefs correct? Why or why not?
Should juvenile offenders ever      be tried as adults?

Question 3

Which current theories on      criminal behavior–classical or biological–do you think most applies to      juvenile offenders?
How much credence do you      personally give to the psychoanalytic theory with regard to juvenile      criminal behavior? Why?
What is the difference between      primary deviation and secondary deviation according to Lemert’s labeling      theory?
Is it possible for there to be      one unifying theory to explain juvenile delinquency? Why or why not?

Question 4
· Are juveniles capable of understanding the seriousness and consequences of their actions? If so, at what age are theycapable of understanding? At what age should juveniles be tried as adults? Explain your answer.
Is the participation in delinquent activities a normal part of maturing, or are there specific factors that initiate this behavior? If taking part in delinquent activities is part of maturing, what contributes to the progression from normal adolescent behavior to chronic offending?