digital marketing & early childhood discussion

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Early Childhood Discussion 
Current events have led to the need for social distancing, enhanced health and safety protocols, and changes in physical settings. Innovative solutions to these changes in how young children are educated include the increase in outdoor classrooms and increased attention to cyberbullying as more students are spending time online.
Conduct an internet search to learn about outdoor early childhood classrooms, and share a summary of this resource with your classmates. How might outdoor classrooms communities meet the need for social distancing and other needs that may not be met in traditional classrooms?Children are spending increasing time online both for education and leisure activities. Cyberbullying has increasingly affected young children in America. How can early care settings and communities work with parents to ensure children are safe in the online environment?Digital Marketing Discussion This units discussion consists of two parts. Please label your initial response to the different parts as A and B.
Choose a company in the pharmaceutical industry. Go to the companys website and identify the social media tools they utilize? Give three specific examples on how they are using these social networks and what you learned from their social media activities.ABC Florist has just reached 5K followers on their Twitter account. Create three tweets for their upcoming twitter campaign for Mother’s Day. Explain your rationale for designing these tweets and why you think it will be effective in reaching your audience. Consider using tags (@ and #) in your tweet.

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