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On pages 343 -344 of your textbook, there is a summary of the case entitled Mitsch v. Rockenbach Chevrolet.  You can find the full opinion in the Week Six Overview.In your initial post, please set out the legal principles addressed in this decision.  Your initial post should include a discussion of the following topics:
Who is the plaintiff in this case?Who are the defendants in this case?In this case, the plaintiff asserts that the car dealer breached the implied warranty of merchantability.   What is the implied warranty of merchantability?The plaintiff in this lawsuit claimed that the situation should be governed by the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.  Why do you think the plaintiff wanted the Magnuson-Moss Act to apply?The plaintiff claimed that there were 3 different (alternative) reasons that he should be able to rescind the purchase of the car.  What were those arguments?  How did the Court rule on each of those arguments?
class book : Contemporary Business Law, 8thEd., Cheeseman. ISBN: 9780133578164. Publisher: Pearson  

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