Draft cultural profile paper | Management homework help

Draft Cultural Profile paper 
first draft of your text with in-text citations, and references.
Any tables or figures must be presented in APA style following the references page (not inserted in the text).
The research project will consist of 5-8 pages and should be a double spaced word document using APA style formatting.
Develop a cultural profile for one of the countries listed below:  Indicate specific findings regarding religion, kinship, recreation, and other subsystems. Include the prevailing attitudes toward time, change, material factors, and individualism for the country you selected.  Also include Hofstede’s findings regarding the four dimensions of power distance, uncertainty avoidance, masculinity, and individualism for the country you selected and compare it to the United States.  Assume you are a U.S. manager of a subsidiary in a foreign country and explain how differences in these dimensions are likely to affect your management tasks.  What suggestions do you have for dealing with these differences in the workplace?
RESOURCES (please indicate if you are able to access the resources below)

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