Eadweard Muybridge

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The paper must follow all of the requirements as specified in the course syllabus (including for Segment Three writing). It must be 2 -pages, typed, double-spaced, and meet the definition of critical, college-level, writing. You ARE REQUIRED to include quotes from the assigned text. Include page numbers for citations of course materials (articles and books). The format should follow basic college style: Use italics for titles of books, e.g. River of Shadows, or quotes for titles of article or book chapters, e.g. The Annihilation of Time and Space from River of Shadows. For quotes longer than three lines, indent and single space. You can simply putthe page number in parentheses at the end of a quote, e,g, (22). If you do not indicate the source of your quote before the quote itself, you can include that information in parentheses with the page number, e.g. (Solnit, 22). If you use any outside sources, you are required to cite them (do a full citation in a footnote). You are NOT required to include a formal Bibliography or Works Cited. Again,Yo uA RE REQUIRED to include quotesfrom t hea ssigned text (in this case, Solnits River of Shadows).It is not necessary for you to write an intro, body, and conclusion for this paper. Just get to the body portion. If you feel you need to follow this format, and find it difficult to write without it, you are free to do so, but it is not at all necessary for this kind of assignment. You are condensing your thoughts into 2-pages, so its not necessary to recapitulate this style. It is usually better to get to your ideas, to your thoughts. Your forum post should help you with this assignment. You are free to go over 2-pages if you need to. However, you cannot go under 2-pages without being penalized. Answer the following essay question in 2-Pages. Do not repeat the question in your answer. Critically discuss the work of Eadweard Muybridge in relation to any of the major themesconnected to his work and discussed in River of Shadows. Use citations from the text. You are free to base your discussion around specific images of Muybridges. You are also free to discuss (if you want to), the Ghost Dance and the Modoc War (though it is not required). I want to give you the freedom in 2-pages to tell me how Muybridges work is connected to any critical themes discussed in Solnit’s work.
I have attached the assigned reading that the paper will be based on.

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