Econ 125 final essay | Economics homework help

We have woven together three strands of U.S. economic history in Economics 125: economic growth, development of infrastructure, and inequities in economic treatment.  Sometimes these three strands came together in one tale. 
-For example, the removal of Native Americans from the land, the financial and governmental institutions that enabled increases in land ownership, and the role of increased land and land productivity in contributing to economic growth. –  
We have also discussed inequities in the context of slavery, discrimination, and distribution of income and wealth.  
Economic historians — and hopefully now you, too — believe that studying history can provide new perspectives on recent economic patterns and on the potential for further economic growth and development in the 21st century.
The essay details, rubric, textbook, and reference detail are attached. Please read carefully!
(There should be a total of nine examples needed for Three Strands!!!)

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