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Preferably *POWERPOINT* to be used… 
 For this assignment, you are asked to collaborate with a classmate to give a presentation explaining a scholarly, peer-reviewed article or book chapter on your assigned text and author to your classmates and me. The presentation should be about ten-minutes long. You are very much encouraged to incorporate visuals, such as PowerPoint, Prezi, and Thinglink, into your presentation. Choose the platform that suits you best. Since we are online, you probably will need to incorporate audio recordings into your presentations so that you are able to explain your visuals, which may not speak for themselves.
 In the presentation, you should explain the (1) article’s argument (i.e., its thesis and supporting reasons and evidence), (2) the motive behind the argument (i.e., what trends or conversations the author is responding to and what s/he hopes to correct or add), (3) the article’s method (i.e., how the argument is made, including the kinds of evidence used), and (4) any other salient features of the article. Your presentations also should include a discussion question for the class. 
Þ Keep in mind that the best discussion questions are open-ended. They are challenging yet answerable by their intended audience. As you create your questions, keep in mind that, while your classmates will have read the short story on which your article is based, they won’t have read your article. This means that you’ll need to explain any aspect of the article necessary for understanding your question (specialized terms, historical background, etc.). Guiding principles for discussion questions: open-ended, challenging, answerable.