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 Discussion 1

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When you were a child, you might have seen a dark brown bottle of a mysterious liquid high on a shelf in your garage, out of your reach. “That’s poison,” a parent might have warned, pointing to the container. “Don’t touch.” It nonetheless had some use. It was there for a reason. This example illustrates a principle: Items that can be misused often have a valid use, and vice versa. An average (e.g. mean, median, and mode) is not an exception; it can be useful, but if it is misused or misinterpreted it can be destructive.

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In what way might an average be misused? Alternatively, how might an average be misinterpreted? For instance, how can a misinterpreted average pertain to stereotyping? How can we avoid misuse or misinterpretation of averages? Provide a specific example to illustrate your explanation.

I need to used book as a reference to show that I have some knowledge of the material.

The book is Statistical Reasoning for Everyday Life

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Jeff Bennett, Bill Briggs, and Mario F. Triola

Discussion 2

  Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words

  1. Describe the role of multinational corporations in the global business environment. (2 pts)
  2. Research and Identify a SPECIFIC multinational corporation, you may use the company from week four if it is a global company.
  3. (Do NOT USE Walmart, Samsung, Google, Apple, Amazon, or Facebook) 
  4. Identify why this company has succeed or why they are failing or have failed. Avoid duplicating a company someone else has mentioned. (7 pts)
  5. PLEASE BOLD the company you selected in your initial post so others do not repeat your choice. (1 pt)
  6. Provide 2 specific recommendation you have for this company to succeed during these changing times? (You must include specific suggestions to earn credit. Apply critical thinking and innovating concepts here) (7 pts)
  7. What insight have you taken away from the last four weeks that you are excited to have learned and why? This can be anything you are proud and want to share. (3 pts)