immunology: Indicate what step is correct (Select all that apply) Lymphocytes travel through the body in…


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  1. Indicate what step is correct (Select all that
  1. Lymphocytes travel through the body in the lymph as well as the
  2. Lymphocytes leave the blood through the walls of fine
    capillaries in 2ry lymphoid organs
  3. After spending some time in the LN, lymphocytes leave in the
    efferent lymph
  4. Lymphocytes return to blood at the subclavian vein
  5. A lymphocyte after encounter an antigen to which its receptor
    binds, stops recirculating.
  6. The spleen has no connection to the lymphatic system
  7. Lymphocytes enter and leave the spleen through blood

  1. All of the following occur after B cells leave the bone marrow
  1. Peripheral Tolerance
  2. Receptor editing
  3. Differentiation into plasma cells
  4. Production of memory B cells
  5. Recirculation between lymph, blood, and 2ry lymphoid

  1. Developing B cells that fail to make productive D to J
    heavy-chain rearrangements on both homologous chromosomes
  1. Die by apoptosis in the bone marrow
  2. Will rearrange heavy-chain loci multiple times until a
    productive rearrangement is made
  3. Undergo clonal proliferation
  4. Fail to rearrange V to DJ