Individual Topic Search Strategy

· The purpose of this initial paper is to briefly describe your search strategies when identifying an articles that pertain to an evidence-based practice topic of interest.· Each student will sign-up for a group to formulate an evidence-based practice topic of interest 

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(My topic is Interventions to promote social interactions in children with autistic disorder spectrum)
· Each group will formulate research question using PICO format. 
P: Children with autistic disorder 
I: cognitive behavioral therapy
C: no therapy, no intervention
O: increase social behaviors
· Each group member will search, retrieve, and receive approval for 1 PRIMARY DATA ARTICLE to answer the group Research Question.
(I will attached the article for you to use my professor already approved it)
· Paper should include a Title and Reference pages.
· Page Length: 3-4 pages Excluding Title and Reference pages
Clinical Question
Research Question- Describe problem
· Accurately and clearly states your research question using PICO format
· P: Children with autistic disorder
· I: cognitive behavioral therapy
· C: no therapy, no intervention
· O: increase social behaviors
Overview of the Problem- Overview/Significance of problem in terms of outcomes or statistics
· What statistics document this is a problem? (facts and figures)
Significance of the Problem-
· What statistic document this is a problem?
· What health outcomes result from this problem. Why should people be concerned about this problem?
Purpose of Paper:
The purpose of this paper is to describe search strategies to find evidence in supporting our groups PICO question.
Search Strategy
Search Terms
· List all terms used to search for your article (i.e. breast cancer, screening, mammography, intervention, assessment, influencing factors….etc.)
(I used behavioral treatments for anxiety )
Library Databases
· List Chamberlain library database used (i.e. EBSCO, Medline, OVID, PubMed….etc.)
· Google search engine is NOT the library database
(I used CINAHL )
Availability of Articles
· How many research articles were available to answer your research question?
· Provide numbers of articles, NOT just saying “plenty, sufficient, many…etc.
Refinement Decisions
· What decision(s) have changed from your original search strategies? (i.e. peer-review, within last 5 years, primary data article, full-text….etc.) 
· As you did your search, what decisions did you make in refinement to get your required articles down to a reasonable number for review?
· What was your rationale for your decision to change from original search strategies?
Final Article
· Describe decisions you made to specifically select 1 PRIMARY DATA ARTICLE as relevant for answering your Research Question 
Level of Evidence
Addresses Topic/Relevance to PICO
· Describe how article addresses the topic, purpose and key points
Evidence Level Pyramid
· Identify and describe the level of evidence based on Evidence Level/Hierarchy Pyramid 
· Refers to Handout (Quick Guide to Designs in an Evidence Hierarchy)
Study Type
· Identify study type of article: Quantitative, Qualitative, or Mixed-Method Study 
§ Use of headings for each section
§ Use of APA format (7th edition)