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List tangible and intangible benefits and costs ( See table 5-10 for example)
Create the project charter and a tentative project schedule and Gantt chart using Microsoft project . Use the activities list for each milestone and the schedules in the course schedule for the 12 milestones to create the Gantt chart for your project.  Create a project plan based on the milestones as are specified in your course schedule. You need to identify the tasks for each milestone and show your progress so far on the plan using the Gantt chart. To submit your project overview and Gantt chart, use the printing capabilities of Microsoft project and print your chart in a word file and then include that with the rest of your submission in the final word file. You need to format the report before you save it as a PDF file.. After you insert each report in the word file you need to right click on report and select acrobat document object from the pop up menu and chose ‘convert’ and then unchecked ‘show as icon’ on each one. You can convert the file online if you like (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. it is for free. Include screen shots of Microsoft project charter screens in your word file.

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 To include your Gantt chart in the word file, you need to create a PDF file first from your Gantt chart.See how to Print your view (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
After you created the file, you can insert the PDF file in your word file. Depending on the version of the word file that you have the steps may vary. Nevertheless you can always right click on the PDF file name and then select copy. Go to the word file and paste the file in the word file. It will insert it as an object that you can re-size it in order to fit in your word file.

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Another way: When you are in Task tab in Microsoft Project, find “Copy” options at the top. Do not click on it. Just click on the small flash that shows you more options. You can see an option link “Copy image” select that and you can go to the word and  under “Paste” select “paste special” and you can paste your picture here (As a same way for visible Analyst).
Just one tip: Since you can not copy all Gantt chart in same file you probably need to adjust screen and then use “Copy image” and you probably ending up with 3 files.