At this point, you are ready to start developing Java code to ask questions on customer information and the sub sandwich that customers want to order. You are only concerned with the functionality to request and provide feedback on what the customer entered. Your main focus is on defining your classes and abstract classes and utilizing the concept of inheritance and polymorphism for the final sub the customer orders. You will first prompt for the customer name and delivery address, like in this sample that prompts for the customer name:

Place Order

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Then, you will prompt for the beverage, sub bread, sub type, and sub size.
You should present a message echoing back all of the information that the customer entered, similar to the following example presenting the customer’s name with a message:

Make sure you prompt for the four attributes (beverage, bread, type, and size) that you will need to request from the customer to define for the final sub and beverage selection. Also, be sure to comment all of your code to demonstrate that you understand what the code is doing.
The following are the project deliverables:

Update the title page of the Design Document with the project name (Unit 2 IP) and the date.
Add the following section header: “Phase 2 Application Screenshots.”

Add screenshots of each distinct screen from your running application.

Name the document “yourname_ITSD424_IP2.doc.”
Submit the Design Document and zipped Java Project files for grading.