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Now that you have identified the conflict in each story, consider the conflicts you have encountered as you “come of age.”  What issues have you faced that showed you a harsher view of the world?  Maybe you learned something about people and the ways in which they can abuse power, or maybe someone you trusted showed you that they were not worthy of your trust.  Perhaps the conflict gave you a new view of religion or politics or gave you a new perspective on where you stand in the world as someone of a specific gender or race.  Whatever the issue, tell me about a “coming of age” story, large or small, that you experienced and felt enlightened by, no matter how disillusioned or misguided you felt in the end.Alternate journal entry:  Tell me about a coming-of-age story or film that meant a great deal to you.  For instance, many high school students cite “Catcher in the Rye” as a novel that had a significant impact on them and changed their world views.  I want to know how this novel, or any story or film, affected you and how it made you change.  Remember, you must write the correct length for this journal entry, so do not spend time summarizing the story or film.  Assume that I have seen or read the story you select.  I want to know more about your reaction to the story, rather than you summarizing its plot.

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