Journal Article Critique

22Feb 2022 by
Instructions for article critiques are as follows:The article can be found in the upload files
Provide a summary of the article and what the author(s) was/were trying to convey;Discuss how the author(s) answered the research question by identifying the research question, data collection method(s), and results;Discuss other peer-reviewed articles that support the claims of the assigned article (provide citations on references page(s)); andProvide your personal opinion on how the assigned article contributes to the social sciences literature. (Include whether the author(s) mention the significance of the study.)
Critiques should be typed in Times New Roman (black font size 12), double-spaced with 1-inch margins, include in-text citations and references in APA format (according to the 7th edition of the style manual) Critiques should include  cover page and references page(s). An abstract is not necessary for this assignment.

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