leadership as service reflection paper | leadership

What leadership lessons have you gleaned from this course, how does it relate to your work/life setting, and what practical applications will you be implementing?
The paper should the following elements to it:
Cover page (title, name, etc), 
Introduction (1 p.), 
Main body of work (4-6 pp.) 
Conclusion (1 p.)
You are expected to incorporate the three leadership roadmaps (vision, mission, values) in this paper that we will cover throughout the course.  Make sure to elaborate on your key learnings and takeaways from this course.
You may want to include your personal observations on leadership as service and how you thought about this topic or approach to leadership prior to taking the course and how that may or may not have changed during the course.
What surprised you about leadership as service when it comes to this approach to leadership.  What challenges do you foresee in becoming a servant leader? Do you think it is an effective way to lead?  If so, how? Mention one key learning that you received from your group interactions and online group forums.
What specifically challenged your thinking on servant leadership using Jesus as the model for this approach to leading people and organizations?  What are some risk taking decisions you will need to make in order to grow as a servant leader?
How might you use the learning from this course in your own workplace or in your future leadership?

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