Macroeconomics discussion

22Feb 2022 by
My dear students, Chapter 28 introduces aspects of “Unions, Strike, Collective Bargaining, Organized labor”. If you are current on the news cycles, then you have observed increased discussions surrounding worker discontent, abysymal working conditions, and unions. Unions once a staple in the labor force fizzled and it appears they are regaining momentum ( Starbucks employees are attempting to unionize:( Apple employees are quietly (the secret is out) forming a union: ( For the first time in 35 years, ten thousand (10,000) John Deere employees went on strike: ( Dollar General workers are pushing for unions: ( Biden Administration and congress are pushing for more unions Congress has passed bills in the past to protect workers, yet we still having labor force issues.Read the articles I provided in the links above, conduct some additional research, get acclamated with the history of unions and provide your perspectives on the following:1) Why the sudden re-emergence of unions? What are the conditions that are driving workers to form unions?2) What are the pros and cons of unions? 3) Do the unions really benefit the workers? 4) Why are the companies pushing back on unions? What are the companies afraid of? What are the tactics that corporations use to kill the union vote? (To get some ideas, follow the research the Amazon union story and see how the union was defeated.)

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