Mask on or off

• Gangitano, A. (2020, August 6). Debate on face masks divides air-travel industry. The

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You will be creating one paragraph that answers the following question:
• Why or why not should passengers be required to wear a face mask on a plane?
You will write that paragraph in third person (he, she, they, one, it, people) and
not use first (me, us, our, we, my, I) or second person (you, your). Most
academic writing is done in third person rather than first or second person
because the writing is more objective.
The key to this assignment is to make sure that the seven-to-nine sentence
paragraph you write only has one topic and includes evidence to support that
topic. Review the Citing Evidence interactive in this unit for information on how to
include a direct quote in your work. Your evidence should go in the middle of the
paragraph so that you can completely introduce it and explain how it supports
your topic. (See step-by-step instructions about creating a paragraph with
Answer the question above in one paragraph comprised of at least seven (7) to nine (9)
sentences. You should use one direct quote from the article.
1. First, begin your paragraph with a clear topic sentence that states where you
stand on the question above.
2. Next, include supporting sentences that explain and prove your topic. Next,
remember to not use the words “me,” “I,”“us,” “we,” “our,” “you,” and “your”.
3. Then, in the center of your paragraph, include a direct quote from the reading as
one piece of evidence to support your topic with an in-text citation that looks like
this: (Gangitano, 2020, p. #).
4. Finally, comment on and explain the quotation and wrap up your paragraph with
a concluding sentence.
• Please submit a Microsoft Word document or PDF.
• Include a title page, a proper font case per APA standards (Times New Roman
12 font is suggested), and a references page. The document should have 1-inch
margins and should be double-spaced.
• The direct quote should be included within the center of the paragraph (as
opposed to at the start or end).
• Use objective third-person language: “he,” “she,” “it,” “him,” “her,”
“himself,” “herself,” “itself,” “they,” “them,” “their,” “themselves.” (Avoid
subjective language such as “I,” “me,” “you,” “we,” “us,”etc.)
• The paragraph should be at least seven (7) sentences in length.
• Follow proper APA formatting when citing the quote and include the article’s
reference double-spaced on a reference page. For the reference page,
simply label the last page of your document References and add this
o Gangitano, A. (2020, August 6). Debate on face masks divides airtravel industry. The Hill,
• When using a reference, you indent after the first line
of the reference (as seen above).