Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy

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In Against the Academicians, Augustine aims to show that it is plausible or certain that we can and do have knowledge, at least of some things. First, explain his argument for this view. What kinds of knowledge does he think people probably or certainly have? (You may discuss the excerpt from The City of God assigned as reading.) Second, what in your view is the biggest problem or best objection to Augustine’s argument? Be sure to explain how it suggests that Augustine’s argument is flawed, incorrect, or unconvincing. Third, consider how Augustine could respond to this objection. Given what you know of his position, how would he try to solve or address the problem? Fourth, given your analysis so far, what do you think of Augustine’s position? In your view, is he largely right, largely wrong, or somewhere in between? Why? Your paper should have a brief introduction, including your thesis statement, and a brief conclusion. 

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