michelle obamas lets move campaign compare and contrast

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Compare and contrast using these two resources:
Write an essay (500-700 words) in which you conduct an analysis of the media coverage of oneimportant issue in two different countries/ideological entities. You will need to demonstratesystematically the ways in which these specific instances of mass media help to shape ourunderstandings, beliefs, and viewpoints about that issue. How does the media influence howwe see the world? In order to support your viewpoints, you will need to discuss similarities anddifferences in perspectives between the two countries or ideological entities and provide specificexamples that come from your sources. In what way is the media representation of the issue forone side similar to the media representation for the other side. In what ways are they different?Why do you think this is so?
SUGGESTIONS for your analysis what to look for to quote your sources and support yourviews:• find one or two powerful lines of text in news stories• look for adjectives and adverbs and other descriptors that express opinion and that alsowork to shape readers’ viewpoints.• what sorts of photos are used? You might want to include a copy as an appendix to youressay.• What sorts of juxtapositions or striking contrasts are used? (e.g., healthy foods vs.unhealthy foods, wellness vs. illness, “acceptable/normal ways of doing things” vs.“unacceptable/abnormal ways of doing things”).

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