Module 1 Discussion Post 3

Directly respond to at least one classmate in a way that extends meaningful discussions, adds new information, and/or offers alternative perspectives.

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The organization, clinician, and patient are all vital variables a part of the health care delivery system.  Each variable has its own set of specific aspects that are used to measure the performance level of the health care delivery system.  Therefore, resulting in each variable having a substantial amount of influence on the health care delivery system.
With today’s elevated level of competition in the health care field, the organization must ensure that it is offering high quality health care that is efficient, effective, and readily accessible for the patient.  With patient and workplace safety in mind, the organization must deliver such health care all while keeping expenses low (Cowing, Davino-Ramaya, Ramaya, Szmerekovsky, 2009, pp. 72-78).  The integrity of the organization is important because a health care organization that lacks integrity also lacks having ethical values, which are mandatory ingredients for success in the field.
The clinicians are the cornerstone of the health care delivery system.  Their influence is directly linked to the organization and the patient.  The organization provides the clinicians with the necessary resources needed to perform high quality health care on the patients.  In change, the clinicians must put forth their best efforts to ensure organizational success and achieve overall patient satisfaction (Cowing, Davino-Ramaya, Ramaya, Szmerekovsky, 2009, pp. 72-78).  The clinician’s integrity is important because the patient’s health, safety, and a portion of the organization’s reputation lies in their hands.  Patients who lack trust in their physicians do not receive satisfactory health care (Roseman University, 2016).
Lastly, the patient has a huge influence on the health care system.  Overall patient satisfaction is the goal for every health care organization because their feedbacks directly affect the organization’s reputation.  Patient integrity is important because negative feedbacks from patients can cause an organization to make drastic changes to their infrastructure.   
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