Multiple relationships powerpoint presentation | Psychology homework help

Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation using the outline created in Week 4. Include the following:

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A short role-play transcript that showcases the multiple relationship issue: Ms. Dot is a counselor developing a romantic interest and giving him movie tickets for them to go out together  in hopes of having their feelings returned. He turns them down.
A brief discussion of the main issue(s) presented in the role-play.
Methods to identify and resolve the issue(s) in an ethical way, citing specific applicable ACA, AMHCA, or NBCC ethical codes
Describe methods for setting healthy boundaries
Differentiate between a professional role that may legitimately exist as a multiple relationship and a professional role that does not
Specific legal statutes related to the issue
Potential consequences related to the issue(s) for the client, supervisee, student, faculty, or professional, as applicable to the topic

  Using this outline:
I. Introduction
II. Virtual Relationships with Clients
A. Ethical Appropriateness
B. Relationship Expectation to Client
C. Personal Information Client is Privy to
1. Setting Boundaries
D. Conclusion of Relationship After Treatment
IV. Bartering
A. Ethical Responsibilities
B. Setting Boundaries
C. Benefits to the Counselor/Client Relationship
V.  Gift-Giving
A. Client Motive
B. Counselor Responsibility/Response
C. Ethical Considerations
1. State Laws
2. Gifts Considered Appropriate
VI. Romantic and Sexual Relationships
A. Therapist Advances
B. Client Advances
VII. Conclusion