Museum assignment worksheet submit assignment

Complete and submit the Museum Assignment Worksheet.
Take notes for a comparison and contrast paper on two artworks at one of the Houston art museums (1 Menil Collection; 2) Museum of Fine Arts Houston (Links to an external site.)
Apply the visual elements and principles of design.
Choose from among the following topics: 
Menil Collection 1) compare and contrast a Byzantine icon with an African tribal sculpture
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston 2) compare and contrast an Italian Renaissance painting with a Greek vase painting or Roman sculpture
Menil Collection, or MFAH 3) Modern and Contemporary art: compare and contrast a contemporary nonrepresentational artwork (i.e. Barnet Newman; Mark Rothko; Jackson Pollock; David Smith (sculpture or painting) with an early 20th century modern abstract artwork (i.e. Picasso; Matisse)

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