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Psy 231     Assignment 9     SFBT & Narrative Therapy
Watch the Gwen & Stan SFBT and Narrative Therapy videos on MindTap, and respond to the following 9 questions:
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Applied to the Case of Gwen & Stan 
1. What did the therapist do that did to create a strong working alliance with Gwen? Describe.
2. What did the therapist do to help Gwen determine ways to move forward with her problem in the SFBT video? Describe.
3. Stan said,“ I am always down on myself and feeling hopeless”. The therapist asked if there are any exceptions to feeling hopeless. What ways was this effective or ineffective and why? 
4. If you were a client, how would it be for you to think of exceptions to one of your presenting problems?
5. What value do you see in the miracle question? In what situations would you want to use this technique with a client?
6. What are your thoughts about the scaling technique that involved Stan being asked to rate a change in a particular behavior on a scale from zero to 10?
7. What specific aspects of solution-focused brief therapy would you most like to incorporate into your style of counseling and why?
Narrative Therapy Applied to the Case of Stan
8. What did you notice when Stan talked about changes he would make in his life when comparing it to the process of remodeling a house? Describe. 
9. What do you think of the technique of asking Stan to detach himself from his problem? How might you help Stan to construct a new story as opposed to a problem-saturated story?
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