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This assignment will help you to think about how to organize your material for your Final Project and about the type of information you want to include to guide the user.Review the attached overview of the final assignment.Create a formal table of contents in MS Word for your manual. You will include this table of contents as a part of your complete manual, due in Week 5. 

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For assistance in setting up the table of contents, see p. 482 in the textbook AND the attached tip sheet.
Attach a cover memo addressed to the instructor, indicating your subject matter, intended audience and purpose.  
For the memo: Standard memo format (DATE, TO, FROM, SUBJECT); formal introduction and conclusion. See the directions for the Week 2 memo assignment for additional guidance on a memo.  
For the table of contents:

List of Illustrations

Statement of device/program with sentence definition 
Statement of intended user;
Statement of purpose of manual and what the reader will be able to do if he/she uses the manual;
Overview of contents;
Typographic conventions;
List of tools/materials/equipment needed;
Warnings; safety alerts, etc.
Where to get help. 

General Contents (to consider)

Other definition/s  REQUIRED
Tools/materials required REQUIRED
Descriptions of objects and parts REQUIRED
Descriptions of objects and parts 
Process descriptions (how something works)
Instructions (step by step; numbered: how to).REQUIRED
Procedures (how something works)
Tutorials (what the reader must do, defining terms, clarifying concepts, describing/illustrating step by step instructions).
Government or industry regulations or standards


Summary statement of intended user and purpose REQUIRED
Government or industry standards that the device/system supports;
Contact/s for maintenance and servicing


Use APA format for the title page. Add page numbers. Double space 
Use MS Word or another program for the table of contents. The attached tip provides an alternate method.