When a health care professional or health care organization causes injury to a patient through negligence and or omission, it is called medical malpractice.
For this assignment, you will need to find an example of a recent malpractice case (something within the last 5 years) and provide the following information in a PowerPoint presentation:

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1) Give the case a title.
2) Write an outline of the basic facts of the case.
3) Identify one or more problems in the case that need to be addressed and why these might be important. What legal risks are associated with these problems?
4) What could the physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in the case have done to avoid being sued?
5) Discuss the outcome of the case.
6) Do you agree with the outcome? Why, or why not?

Your presentation should consist of at least eight slides, not counting the title and references slides.
PowerPoint Requirements:
Include a title slide.

Use short bullet points for each slide.
Add two or more graphics and a table or graph if appropriate.
All graphics must be cited.
Include Speaker Notes so that the information on the slide contains simple bulleted phrases and the notes expand on those bullets with complete sentences as if you would use them in an oral      presentation.
Include a reference slide with at least four references.

The Online Library’s Nexis Uni database contains court cases and would, therefore, be a great place to search for malpractice cases. The video linked below provides guidance on how to search in Nexis Uni.