Needs Assessment Paper

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I have attatched an old paper and interview questions to help guide you. I only have one interviewee
For your health topic and population of interest, interview two key informants to determine at a minimum (a) what assets exist to address your health issue and (b) what needs remain.  Your goal is to identify gaps that you could address with a hypothetical health promotion program that you will be developing for your final assignment.
The questions on page 70 of your textbook (What to Expect from a Needs Assessment) might help guide your interview questions, although you are not required to ask all of these.
Present your findings in a 2-3 page (double-spaced, not including reference page) paper.  Be sure to include:
An introduction which clearly describes the significance of your health issue and the purpose of your paper. Cite your sources using APA style.The methods used for conducting your needs assessment (i.e., see chapter 4 for the variety of methods used for collecting primary data).  In this section you will also describe who you interviewed (not their names, but their credentials and/or qualifications for the interview).The results or findings from your assessment.  Describe in an unbiased manner what you learned from the people you interviewed.  In this section you might describe similarities or differences in responses of the two people you interviewed.A conclusion that will summarize existing community needs and assets. The gap (the difference between what exists and what is needed) in services will be clearly described. Readers will be able to infer from this conclusion what type of health promotion program is needed at least in broad terms (you should explicitly state what type of health promotion program is needed in broad terms).  For example, you may state that, Enforcing existing laws prohibiting texting while driving would help to minimize needless motor vehicle crashes, but do not give the details on how you would go about doing that (you will do this later in the course).A separate reference list at the end of the paper (in addition to the 2-3 page paper).  Use APA style.

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