Paper 2: End of Course Reflection

PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON THE DOCUMENT. WHEN YOU UPLOAD YOUR PAPERS ON D2L, THIS WILL TELL ME WHOSE PAPER IT IS.For this assignment, I would like you to write a short reflection essay on how you applied any of the ideas presented in this course to recent events in your life, or how it aided in your reflection(s) about world affairs (for example, it might be something like “did Socrates cause you to reconsider the assumptions you have been making about the world” or “how do the ideas of Montaigne or Seneca apply to today’s situations?” 

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1) Make sure to have a short introductory paragraph in your essay, then explain the event.
2) Next, explain the ethical concept you thought about in relation to that event (do not just say “Socrates’s views” or “Montaigne’s views”; instead, explain what those views are and what they argue for, what these theories think the issue and solution is and WHY they think that).
3) Lastly, explain how you applied their ideas. And make sure to finish your short essay with a conclusion paragraph too.
500 words MINIMUM and 650 words MAXIMUM for this short essay. NO QUOTES: everything must be written in your own words. Follow the paper writing dos and don’ts (Paper Writing Dos and Don’ts) for this short essay as well. Make sure to double-space your essay, normal margins, and size 11-12 professional font. Only essays uploaded into D2L will be considered, so do not email me your essays directly. PLEASE FOLLOW DIRECTIONS GIVEN ABOVE.