Personal Value Assessment (Online/TO)

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The purpose of this assignment is to assess personal value in light of professional goals.
In  the same way that an organization performs with greater intention and  cohesiveness when its employees and stakeholders are all working with a  communal sense of purpose toward a shared goal, you will be able to  better and more successfully shape your future when you have a clear  idea of who you are, the value you offer, and what you ultimately want  to achieve. Your personal vision provides the framework for your goals  by reflecting your aspirations for the individual you hope to become.  And more concretely, your personal mission defines the areas in the  industry where you intend to compete and the customers you intend to  serve.
Together, your vision and mission statements offer a  foundational identity, defining who you intend to serve and in what  capacity (in the PGA tour marketing), and how those elements will help you shape your  intended future (of player marketing).
 develop your own personal vision and mission  statements from the perspective of yourself as a business professional,  supported by a goal plan that will enable you to achieve your vision in  the next 5 to 10 years.
Include the following in your 1,000-1,250-word response:

Define your personal vision and mission statements.
List  a minimum of five SMART goals you will need to achieve to reach your  vision and describe how these relate to your overall personal strategy.
Identify  significant personal standards or principles you hold and discuss how  they guide, limit, or circumscribe your stated vision, mission, and goal  plan.
What do you need to do (or keep doing) to ensure that you  reach your vision and achieve your mission? How will you monitor and  modify your plan to measure success in achieving your outlined goals?
How  do the vision, mission, and values you have outlined create a  competitive advantage for yourself in the job market? How would the  leader of a business organization use these same elements to create  competitive advantage in the industry?
How is the process of  setting, measuring, and modifying your personal vision, mission, and  goal plan different from that required by the leader of a small company?  How does this process differ from that required by the leader of a  large corporation?