Report writing of how Social media channels impacts an university on their core business.

 All the requirements and information of this 3000 word report are given in the ‘Assessment 3’ attachment.
A sample table of contents has been shared to give an idea about the report’s structure. It is wise to follow the sample table of contents to make this report.
Choose any university instead of Charles Darwin University.

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 Things need to focus on-

1. THE STRUCTURE OF THE REPORT SHOULD BE THE SAME AS THE STRUCTURE IN THE SAMPLE TABLE OF CONTENTS ATTACHMENT. Follow the provided sample table of contents for the report’s structure. Provide me the assignment with the same structure as the sample table of contents. It is a must.

2. Identify all social media channels of the university and what they are being used for. Explain how each type of social media impacts the university’s business.

3. Analyse how each of these social media channels is being used by the university to business and report this.

4. Establish the positives and negatives of the use of social media. Identify any issues or problems with the current social media usage.

5. Identify additional social media channels that can be used to enhance theirbusiness and profits.

6. Provide at least 2 graphs, tables or figures. These tables, graphs and figures must be used as embedde in the text.

7. Provide web links for each references in the reference list. 35 and above references must be cited that are relevant, within 2015-2021. Must include the web links for all references Highly developed professional writing demonstrated. 
8. It is Harvard-style referencing. All the references must be cited in the report’s text.