Research design and source analysis

22Feb 2022 by
Annotated bibliography:1200-word submission that must include eight sources of immediate and central importance to the thesis statement as well as annotations that demonstrate the ability to assess the value and potential shortcomings of each source in relation to the thesis. You will be graded on the pertinence and breadth of the bibliography you comment, on the insightfulness of your comments, and on the logical consistency of their connection both amongst themselves and with the thesis statement.Thesis statement:A 250-word submission that presents an informed and evidence-based thesis statement as well as reflections on the importance of the thesis in relation to the existing scholarship previously reviewed in the annotated bibliography. You will be graded on the pertinence and the logical consistency of the thesis and its justification in relation to both the research question you have proposed in the previous assignment and the comments in the annotated bibliography,

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