so this is my business management subject where we have to write about a business you want to do and i choose the business of event management company.

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this is brief explanation of the assignment, and my business plan is event management company.
This is the brief overview of your future business plan and is the first assignment in the business plan project.. You are to write this BEFORE putting together your business plan. The instructor will actively monitor how your plan evolves from this point.Your preliminary executive summary should be comprised of the following elements:
What is the business? List the products and/or services you will provide.
A mission statement; A mission statement should succinctly state the reason your business exists.
An original, innovative, creative discussion of the business. Paint a picture with words. This description should be around 250 words.
A discussion of how you will achieve competitive advantage (address efficiency, quality, innovation, and customer response in some detailbe creative!!!) Focus on a couple of them at the most.
A Positioning Statement: What do you want your customers to think when they think of YOUR business (relative to the competition)?
Key industry specifics: suppliers/logistics systems, licenses, laws, regulations, environmental considerations. Do a bit of research here.
Who are your customers? Give the different types a name. Describe them using as much detail as possible. Everything is relevant.
An overview of the competition you face. Give a brief SWOT for 3-4 real competitors that already exist in a potential location of your choice.
Objectives, strategies, goals (personal and business). What do you want to achieve short and long term? HOW will you achieve these things? Be brief.
Your skillsList accomplishments, skills, experience, and education that might prove you can run a business. Be specific. What is your value proposition?
What legal form of ownership will you use? Choose a form and justify.
Financing resourcesEstimate start-up capital. List what youll need to purchase to open the doors. Briefly discuss where you will get the money. How much will you need, where will it go, and where will it come from? 
Simple break even analysis. Pick your biggest potential selling product or service. What do you need to sell each month to break even?Fixed Costs(overhead) divided by ( unit price variable costs) = Break even volume of sales
This document should be at least 5 pages long. It is a preliminary introductory document intended to be revised upon completion of the body of the plan.

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