Strategic business | Management homework help

Create a SWOT analysis for Tesla. Refer to both Table 4.3 and Figure 4.2 in your
textbook. List Tesla’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential opportunities and
threats. Be sure to include these in your paper by either listing them or creating
a diagram similar to Figure 4.2. Then write your conclusions and implications of
the analysis. Lastly, provide at least two recommendations based on this analysis.
Explain your reasons for these recommendations.
Graded Project
2. Based on what you’ve read about Mercedes-Benz acquiring a stake in Tesla and
strategic partnerships from your text, what are the potential pitfalls of this alliance?
Do these pitfalls apply in Tesla’s case, given their patent policy? Explain why.
3. What type of diversification strategy does the launch of Tesla Energy represent:
related or unrelated? Explain why. Does Tesla Energy’s new business meet the
three tests of corporate advantage?
4. What kind of vertical integration strategy did Tesla choose for its distribution and
supply chains: backward or forward integration? What are the advantages of its
chosen strategies? What are the disadvantages?
5. In reviewing Tesla’s manufacturing strategy, does the part of Tesla’s value chain it
outsources make strategic sense? Explain why or why not.
6. Which of the five generic strategies is Tesla pursuing with its marketing strategy?
7. What are the key elements of Tesla’s culture? What problems do you foresee that
Elon Musk will have in sustaining that culture amid growing competition? Explain.

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