The impact of technology adoption on firm performance

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In the Literature review, students should do the following: • specify the prior research that is the basis for the research question in the term paper; • identify relevant problems that have not been solved in full in prior research; • define the main concepts, theory, etc. required to address the research problem; • formulate hypotheses for further testing (in case, the research is going to employquantitative methodology).
In most cases, the term paper focuses on a narrow research question. Hence, the overview ofprior literature is based only on the relevant research question, not on the entire theme ingeneral. Students should not discuss prior research that has only an indirect relationship to theresearch question.
The literature review should be based on only the most relevant and fundamental prior research(20 articles minimum) in top tier academic journals (4*, 4, 3, 2 Journals according to the ABSrating and Q1 and Q2 Journals according to SJR). In the literature review, references totextbooks are not allowed. The literature review should not consist of only a list of previousstudies and the primary conclusions of these studies. In the literature review, students arerequired to organize prior studies in a systematic way, to identify similarities and differencesin these studies, and justify the relevance of each prior study for the term paper. When differentprior studies come to different conclusions, students should summarize these differentconclusions and discuss which conclusion they agree with, using logical arguments andreasoning.At the end of the literature review section, in case of quantitative study, the students shouldspecify the relationships between concepts to be analyzed based on the links to extant researchfor each hypothesis, justify and develop their hypotheses. The students should introduce thecorresponding research streams for each hypothesis before it is formulated by starting with acritical review of the studies focusing on the relationship of interest. After outlining the maindirections of the academic discussion on the relationship of interest, students formulate thehypotheses. This should be done separately for each hypothesis to adhere to the generallyaccepted standards for hypotheses’ development in academic journals of decent quality.

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