This assessment aims to develop and gauge student understanding of the key topics covered so far…

This assessment aims to develop and gauge student understanding
of the key topics covered so far by answering the following
questions. Answering these questions will help you build some
understanding of the next assessment items as well as for the
entire subject. It is expected that answers to the assignment
questions be succinct (i.e. precise and concise) with all sources
of information fully referenced as per APA referencing style. You
have to reference the textbook and any additional material you have
used in your answers. Note that the guide for APA referencing is
provided in the resources section of the Interact site of this
subject. Answers MUST be written in your own words. No marks will
be awarded for any answer that contains more than 10% direct quote
(referenced or unreferenced). One or two sentence answers will be
too short and only receive low marks. Answers longer than 1.5 pages
(12 point font, single line spacing) may incur a penalty if too
much non-relevant information is stated. For mathematical
questions, it is expected that you show intermediate steps of your
working. Just stating the correct solution will result in low
marks, on the other hand, if the working is correct and you only
made minor mistakes, you will still be awarded marks, even though
the final answer is wrong.

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Question 1 [2 Marks] What is a link-layer frame? A network layer
datagram? A transport-layer segment? an application-layer

Question 2 [2 Marks] Is it possible for an application to enjoy
reliable data transfer even when the application runs over UDP? If
so, how?

Question 3 [3 Marks] Consider a router that interconnects three
subnets: Subnet 1, Subnet 2, and Subnet 3. Suppose all of the
interfaces in each of these three subnets are required to have the
prefix 223.1.17/24. Also, suppose that Subnet 1 is required to
support at least 60 interfaces, Subnet 2 is to support at least 90
interfaces, and Subnet 3 is to support at least 12 interfaces.
Provide three network addresses (of the form a.b.c.d/x such as
223.1.17/24) that satisfy these constraints, and how the steps of
how to obtain your answers.

Question 4 Case study [8 Marks] In this problem, you need to put
together what you have learned about Internet protocols. Suppose
you walk into a room outside CSU campuses, connect to Ethernet, and
want to download Slides published in a Web page of the ITC 542 site
in Interact 2. What are all the protocol steps that take place,
starting from powering on your PC to getting the CSU Web page?
Assume there is nothing in our DNS or browser caches when you power
on your PC. (Hint: the steps include the use of Ethernet, DHCP,
ARP, DNS, TCP, and HTTP protocols.) Explicitly indicate in your
steps how you obtain the IP and MAC addresses of a gateway