This is a multipart question, needs to be in c language, and be able to compile…

This is a multipart question, needs to be in c language, and be
able to compile into a windows program, i.e. code blocks,

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In C language:

You are to design a fight game between Neo versus Smith. The
program needs to be organized using at least three functions. The
specifications are as follows:

  1. The program should first call a password function.
    1. Request a password, multiple characters followed by
    2. For every character entered, display * character.
    3. The correct password is EGC251.
    4. If the correct password is entered, proceed to the game.
    5. If a wrong password is entered, prompt the user with a
      statement indicating the password is incorrect and prompt the user
      for a correct password. If the second password is also incorrect,
      prompt the user that this is the last attempt. If the third
      password is entered incorrectly, ignore further attempts.
  1. The game consists of three rounds. At each level, a new
    health-level is calculated. At the end of the third round, the one
    with the higher health level is announced the winner.
  2. Initially, value of health-level is randomized between
    20.0 and 24.99.
  3. During each round, two sequential integer inputs
    punch_N and punch_S between 2 and 5 are
  4. Following each punch, the damage (in float) to the opponent is
    calculated using

damage_S = punch_N * (health_level_S*randomized(0.05 – .1)

damage_N = punch_S * (health_level_N*randomized(0.05 – .1)

  1. Using individual damage, a new health level is calculated

health_S = health_S * skill– damaged_S

health_N = health_N * skill – damaged_N

Note that skill is a float variable which needs to be randomized
between 0.9 and 1.1 each time it is used.   

  1. If the health level of a fighter drops below 0.5, the fight is
    over by a knock out.
  2. Otherwise, proceed to the next round.
  3. After three rounds using the health_level of fighters,
    determine the winner.