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Thucydides  Essay question :1. In their speech at Sparta, what do the Athenians say are the three reasons why they developed and maintain their empire? Do you agree with the Athenians that these are the main motivations of politics? Why or why not? Heres an extract of dialogue I found on internet instructions
The questions require a short analytical essay of approximately 700 words. Each essay must contain: (1) an introduction with a thesis statement that takes an intellectual position; (2) a logical argument in support of your thesis statement; (3) referenced evidence that indicates the EXACT page or line number from the approved version of the text for all major points of argumentation; (4) a conclusion; (5) a word count; (6) proper bibliography in Chicago Manual of Style. 
For the page line its not a big deal if u don’t know what it is will try to figure that out later  

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