What is Cyberbullying

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For our last graded assignment, please respond to the questions posed below. They are designed to have you look back over the past eight weeks and reflect upon how the assignments, discussions, and peer reviews have helped you gain insight about your growth as a writer and your knowledge about writing.
· How did you go about selecting a topic for the research paper? After devoting eight weeks to this topic throughout the course, do you still find this topic interesting? If so, what further areas within this topic would you like to know more about?
· Reflect upon the research skills you have developed throughout this class. What key takeaways have you learned regarding research strategies? 

Did      you incorporate changes into your final essay based on your peers’      feedback? If so, please describe the types of changes you made and why you      made them. If you did not incorporate changes, please explain why. https://myhomeworkassister.com/topic-rolls-royces-international-scandal-requirement-each-student-has-been-a/

· Did reviewing the work of your classmates help you to understand other points of view? Please explain why or how.
· Did reviewing the work of your classmates provide you with additional writing strategies? Please explain how or why.
· Reply to each question above with at least one full paragraph, making your full postscript approximately 2 pages. 

Because      this assignment asks you to reflect on personal experiences, you do not      need to incorporate research or an APA title page. https://trustedessayhelpers.com/2021/06/13/im-working-on-a-management-question-and-need-guidance-to-help-me-understand-bet-17/

· Postscripts should be written in first person.
Assignment Requirements 
The post-script should be typed and submitted as a Microsoft Word 2010 document (.docx), with 12-point font and double spacing.