Write a PHP program using a ''FOR loop' to compute and print the employee's salary for…

Write a PHP program using a ”FOR loop’ to compute and print the
employee’s salary for some number of years with a percent increase
each year. Your submit button should re-call this page and use PHP
to create a table of salaries for each year starting at 1 up to the
value of the years variable. So if ‘years’ is equal to 5, there
should be 5 rows in your table. For each year, the salary increases
by X%. Make sure your money values are rounded to 2 decimal

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<div id=”contentwrap”>

   <div id=”maintitle”>

       Salary List using PHP


   <form method=”get”
       <!– Starting salary textbox
       <div style=”margin-top:20px;”
class=”formtext”>Enter starting salary</div>
       <input type=”text”
class=”formfield” name=”salary” />
       <!– Interest rate textboox
       <div style=”margin-top:20px;”
class=”formtext”>Enter interest rate</div>
       <input type=”text”
class=”formfield” name=”intrate” />
       <!– Enter years to list
       <div style=”margin-top:20px;”
class=”formtext”>Enter years to list</div>
       <input type=”text”
class=”formfield” name=”years” />
       <!– List salary button
type=”submit” value=”List Salary”/>
   <div id=”infowrap”>
<table border=”3″ width=”75%”>
<tr id=”headrow”>
<!– the code to process your form goes here –>
—for loop goes here—-using tables——


   </div><!– ends infowrap (table) –>

</div> <!– ends div#contentwrap –>