Write an respond to “ larsen strongly implies irene pushes clare.”

write an 160 words respond to push them to reconsider some of their points:
“While it is not clearly stated in the text, Larsen strongly implies that Irene pushes Clare through the window at the ending of Passing. When John discovers that Clare is actually a black woman and bursts into the party yelling racial slurs, Clare seems unbothered and even has a faint smile on her face. Larsen states, “It was that smile that maddened Irene. She ran across the room, her terror tinged with ferocity, and laid a hand on Clare’s bare arm. One thought possessed her. She couldn’t have Clare Kendry cast aside by Bellew. She couldn’t have her free.” (Larsen, 184). Larsen emphasizes the anger and resentment that Irene feels towards Clare to imply that she pushed her out the window. Irene is very jealous of Clare’s personality and social grace, and also views her as a threat to her marriage with Brian as she suspects that they might be having an affair. Larsen goes on to say, “Irene wasn’t sorry. She was amazed, incredulous almost. What would the others think? That Clare had fallen? That she had deliberately leaned backward?” (Larsen, 185). While the others at the party rush down the stairs to check on Clare, Irene stays behind and is silent staring at the print on the wall. Larsen implies that Irene pushes Clare when she underscores the fact that Irene does not feel sorry for what has happened and even feels relief. Irene also questions what the others will say and ask her; Larsen implies that she is worried about the consequences of her actions. ”

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